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Maree Bain is the bookkeeper for Ram Concrete Pumping. She has known owners Ross and Rita for many years and helped them make the decision to move from a manual system to PNM Business Cashbook.

"I have used parts of MYOB for years, and even after doing the training courses, getting help from friends with extensive MYOB experience, friends who have done the training 2 or 3 times AND even with my knowledge of accounting terminology - I still haven't got the gist of it, it is so complex!"

"The support from PNM - to set up the listed account categories was EASY. It is so EASY to use, in user-friendly-non-accounting-language, with intelligent software that prompts you with questions to help you allocate transactions correctly. It would be so easy for anyone starting a business to use and get it right - therefore reducing the time your accountant needs to spend checking your work".

Maree Bain - Bookkeeper
Ram Concrete Pumping



Pam Wagstaff and Ian Bryce are business owners in the transport industry and are kept exceptionally busy transporting General Freight to everywhere and anywhere. Like many micro businesses they used to use a system of keeping records on spreadsheets, and lots of their accountants time.

Pam and Ian work long hours in their business but at the suggestion of their accountant, were encouraged to try PNM Business Cashbook a year ago.

Pam said, "I found it a daunting task initially, but the support I received in the setting up phase was excellent. After they customised the accounts to my needs, it became so easy to capture our information. And if I have any questions, I just call or email details and PNM Business Systems staff attend to me very quickly".

Pam is now seeing the cost benefit of using PNM Business Cashbook. "Last quarter BAS, our accountant glanced over the details, and there were no issues and we didn't have a charge!" says Pam.

"I highly recommend this business system to people who have limited time".

Pam Wagstaff - Transport Contractor
0427 731 959



"We (Darren and I) have been in business (Darren's Patios) for 15 years. I used the old manual book keeping system that took me, honestly, hours to do. I was very comfortable with it and I wasn't looking to change. However, I had went along to TAFE and completed courses in MYOB and Quicken but their accounting package complexity scared me, until I was introduced to PNM Business Cashbook and saw how easy their system could be. With Cashbook it's so easy, all the thinking's done for you and with the click of a button BAS and reports for partners are printed out.

It has save me so much time and our accountant's bills have reduced dramatically.

I'd never leave PNM because of their personal set up service and ongoing help - they never say they can't help when I call.

After emailing MYOB and not getting a response for months, then too late, the direct comparison of PNM's one-on-one help is priceless to us as a small business.

I would recommend anyone who is looking for a simple, easy and professional accounting package to try PNM Business Cashbook. If you would like to contact me for my personal experience with the system please do so.

Esther Milesi - Darren's Patios
0414 488 204/07 5495 8231



Andrew Winter is an independent building consultant. Andrew helps owner/builders build their own homes, helping them maintain control of time, costs and ultimately, their level of stress.

"When I went into business for myself a few years ago I went out and bought MYOB. I opened it up and then after 4 frustrating hours I realised that I couldn't understand it. I didn't have time or additional funds to go and hire someone to then train me how to use it. What was worse my Accountant said to me that she would probably end up charging me the same price anyway to re-enter the work and reconcile my transactions.

So what was the point? I needed to be GST compliant but at the same time I didn't have the technical expertise to work my way around an Accounting Software Package that was designed by people who had no idea what my needs were.

For two or three years I struggled along with some basic spreadsheets that I would send to my accountant each quarter and then be overcharged for things that I should have been able to do myself.

I was wasting a lot of time and a lot of money and I wasn't getting anywhere.

All that changed when a colleague referred me to PNM Business Cashbook, it truly has made my accounting process stress free, time and cost efficient, saving me at least $500 in fees per year and valuable time each month and quarter. I will never go back."

Andrew Winter - Building Consultant



Keith Cox has been an owner-driver of concrete trucks for 20 years and with his business ready to expand to his 4th truck, Keith finds himself more the business manager than the truck driver these days. Keith meticulously kept his records in exercise books and took them and his bank statements to his accountant at the end of every year. That meant that Keith always felt that he was up to 18 months behind in knowing the true position of his businesses performance.

Keith describes himself as "not real good on book work and computers" like so many people in small business. But he bought his first computer and his first accounting software, PNM Business Cashbook three years ago and now feels "in control" of his businesses financial future for the first time.

Keith now recommends PNM Business Cashbook to others in his industry, "because it is simple, so easy to use, and it asks you questions to prompt you". A good example: if your not sure what account to list a transaction under, you can complete what your doing and list it as "not-known or not listed account and send it to PNM and they sort it out for you".

Keith Cox - Keilyn P/L
0419 661 669