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Why so Easy? - 3 reasons

Every company that sells accounting software says that their program is intuitive and easy to use, but very few are. PNM Business Cashbook ease of use is the first comment our customers make about our product (see the testimonials).

easy to use accounting software

The reasons why it is so easy to use is because:

1. No accounting knowledge required

You can make the most of your time and money with a system that requires no knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting - and have complete control over your bookkeeping and tax preparation - with minimal effort.

2. Package is tailored to your business

The key to any effective book keeping system is to break the process into easy steps that reflect the way you conduct your business. PMN Business Cashbook has been designed so you can handle book keeping as quickly as possible and be free to devote your valuable time to building your business.

3. Set up and ongoing support is included

At PNM Business Systems we prefer to provide a one on one type service, where we work with you through the set-up of your accounting system solution. Should you require support, we are only a phone call away.PNM Business Systems offers support services via phone or email during normal working hours.