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Easily - The Smartest Accounting Solution for Small Business

PNM Business Systems provides you with the smartest accounting software on the planet with easy navigation and built in knowledge to guide you through the GST maze. No other software developer has taken the time to build knowledge into their accounting software to remove the need for specialist understanding.

Starting with the Cashbook, our software is designed in modules so you can grow the software in keeping with your business needs.

PNM Cashbook

In response to the demand from small businesses, the PNM Cashbook is a product with advanced ‘ease of use’ features and backed by exemplary service. The inputs from the business owner are simple, using terms that are familiar and understood by them. The outputs, though, will satisfy accounting and GST compliance requirements.

The PNM Cashbook will enable you to:

  • Process income and payment transactions
  • Process bank / source reconciliations
  • Send data to accountant
  • Print BAS


PNM Trader

PNM Trader is an accruals accounting process and has been split into three to satisfy the needs for different business trading types.


PNM Regular Trader

  • Generate invoices based on customer sales orders.
  • Generate quotes for individual customers.
  • Manage debtors / receivables.
  • View sales performance reports.
  • Manage product prices and suppliers.
  • Raise purchase orders for supplies.
  • Compare purchase order against delivery against suppliers invoice.
  • Manage creditors / payables.
  • BAS reported on a cash basis or an accrual basis.
  • Email reports to customers, suppliers and your accountant.


PNM Advanced Trader

  • Contains all the functions of PNM Regular Trader plus stock control but does not include picking, packing and despatch controls.
  • Stock quantities reduced as product entered at customer sales order.
  • Back order created if insufficient product quantity available.
  • Invoice generated when sales order marked as ready.
  • Product from supplier ready to store after compared to purchase order.
  • Product cost includes into store and storage costs.
  • Report variances between standard product cost and actual cost.
  • Report Standard gross profit per product.


PNM Complete Trader

  • Contains all the features of PNM Regular Trader and PNM Advanced Trader plus controls picking, packing and despatch of packages.
  • Packing slip generated when package marked as finalised.
  • Invoice and delivery docket generated when package marked as despatched.


PNM products are made available on an annual subscription basis. When you purchase the PNM Cashbook you will be directed to a web based business information form for you to tell us about your business the way you see and operate it. When complete you submit the form and we will set up the software which will be unique to you. When ready the software will be made available on line for you to download and install. We will make available to your accountant, without cost, the accountants version of the software to enable the electronic transmission of data between you and your accountant.

PNM Support will provide telephone assistance to help you to become familiar with the operating aspects of the software. PNM Support will not provide accounting assistance as this is a role for your accountant.

PNM Support will provide free upgrades and free maintenance of your software for the term of your subscription.

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