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PNM Business Systems Support

Available during business hours, please call 1300 303 915 or email:

At PNM Business Systems we are proud of the support we provide to our customers. We want you to benefit from using PNM Business products and are happy to guide you till you succeed.

PNM Support included in the annual subscription cost:

  • Help to set up your business chart of accounts in a manner that is meaningful and recognisable to you
  • Build a tailored software package that uses "intelligence" to guide you during processing
  • Build the link to your accountant or provides a referral to an accountant
  • Package your product for you to download from your confidential login at the PNM Members Only section on this web site
  • A friendly, knowledgeable point of contact to help with any processing questions
  • Provide maintenance support to adapt your program as your business changes
  • Provides upgrades to the package for any changes to tax, accounting standards, corporation's law and IT infrastructure changes

Call 1300 303 915 or email: