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What are the advantages of PNM Cashbook over other accounting packages?

    Easier to use, with simple input screens including your familiar terminology and incorporating prompts to guide you through your processing.
  • Less stress as PNM Business Systems provides support to tailor your package and assists you while learning to use the software.
  • Decreased cost of accounting fees as data is entered in a timely and accurate manner and emailed to your accountant within the PNM system. Your accountant is provided with the accountant version of PNM Cashbook to download your data and prepare the formal financial reports.
  • Training, support, program maintenance and upgrades are included in the annual subscription.

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What if I am not registered for GST?

PNM Cashbook is targeted towards businesses that need to prepare a Business Activity Statement. However the core of the program is designed to ensure that you correctly allocate receipts and payments. The program can be set to process data without consideration for GST.

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Can I use PNM Cashbook to run my unique business?

From the PNM Business Systems perspective every business is unique and we work together to tailor the product to work for you. Once you become familiar with the simple process to collect data, you will be able to generate reports that keep you informed about your business performance.

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Is PNM Cashbook an accounting program?

PNM Cashbook is an accounting system like no other. In response to the inadequacy of the traditional software packages, PNM Business Systems has reinvented the accounting process. Different types of knowledge are required throughout the accounting process and the PNM Business System separates the process to simplify it for the user and avoids the failures of traditional software.

The set up of your accounting system is critical and so rather than have you stress over a task that you are uncertain about we work closely with you to set up and maintain the program. You are responsible for the processing but to assist you, during the set up we build intelligence into the system to help you to get the processing right. Formal financial reporting is the realm of a specialist and the processed data is emailed to your accountant to complete this task.

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Does my accountant need to buy a copy of the software?

No. When you subscribe to the PNM Cashbook system your accountant is provided with the accountant version to download your database emails and prepare financial reports.

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What if my accountant doesn't want to use PNM Cashbook?

It would be rare for an accountant not to want to help their client. Some accountants have a preference for software they are familiar with and may be reluctant to use a product that they perceive does not fit with their work practices, but if they were to understand that the client was to achieve an overall benefit from the use of the software there would be few who would refuse to help their client.

PNM Business Systems aims to build a portfolio of accountants whose specialties and contact details will be available on the PNM Business Systems website.

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I use a bookkeeper. Can the bookkeeper use the PNM Cashbook for my business?

Yes. Among our current customers are a number who use contract bookkeepers or employees to process transactions using the PNM Cashbook. See PNM Testimonials for their opinions.

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Is PNM Cashbook easy to use?

Yes. Ease of use is a primary design feature of PNM Cashbook. The first thing our customers comment on when asked is that the system is so easy to use. Please refer to the PNM Testimonials.

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How much time will it take me to use PNM Cashbook?

The learning curve varies. Most people will be comfortably using the software within a few weeks. Others may take several months. The main thing to realise is that PNM Support staff will continue support you for however long it takes. We have not yet experienced a failure.

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What if I have difficulty using PNM Cashbook?

At PNM Business Systems we are proud of the support we provide to our customers. We want you to benefit from using PNM Business products and are happy to guide you till you succeed. Accounting is an exacting discipline and many people cannot grasp the concept. The PNM Business system steps away from the formality of accounting and most people who have difficulty do so because they are trying to be accountants. Once they stop and just step their way through the process the job becomes simple. Call 1300 303 915 or email:

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What if I need to change details about my business during the financial year?

Change should be an expectation and that is why PNM Business Systems provides maintenance support to adapt your program to changes that may occur during the subscription period. This is included in the cost of the annual subscription.

Call 1300 303 915 or email:

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What happens if there are upgrades or changes to the software?

It is important to maintain your software in its most recent release version to ensure compatibility within the PNM networked group. When a new version of the software is released it is made available to each user via the PNM website. This is included in the cost of the annual subscription.

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Are there automated backups available with this software?

Backups are not automated but there is a simple backup process started by the click of a button.

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How can PNM Cashbook help me manage my outstanding accounts?

By 'outstanding accounts' we assume you mean money that is owed to you. Depending on your business activity, accounting needs vary.

Many businesses don't issue invoices (eg retailers) others might issue only a small number of invoices that are easily managed (eg a copy of the invoice retained in the invoice book until paid, when the invoice is removed). The PNM Cashbook is ideal for such businesses.

If the type or size of your business requires you to manage outstanding receipts and outstanding payments and to manage stock inventories, you will need to contact us for a tailored solution.

Call 1300 303 915 or email:

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Do you have some shots of screens that I can look at?

See the demo.

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What are the computer requirements for Business Cashbook?

Recommended System Requirements:
2GB of Ram
AMD Athlon X2
Internet Explorer V6 or Higher
Video Card capable of 1280 x 1024 or higher resolution
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Operating System
Internet Connection
100 MBit Network ( For Multi-Users )

Minimum Requirements:
512MB of Ram
AMD Athlon / Intel Pentium 2
Internet Explorer V6 or Higher
Video Card capable of 1024 x 768 or higher resolution.
Windows XP

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Will Cashbook run on an Apple Macintosh computer?


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Can I use Cashbook on more than one computer?

Yes. PNM Business Systems places no restrictions on the number of users

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Is my information secure with PNM Cashbook?

Yes. When emailed, your data is compressed into an encrypted file that travels across the Internet and can only be unencrypted and decompressed by your accountant using the accountant version of PNM Cashbook.

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How do I purchase PNM Cashbook?

PNM Cashbook can be purchased using the PNM Business Systems website.

Once you have made your purchase, you will be required to complete a detailed form regarding your business that will be emailed to PNM Support on your submission.

The form will be examined by a staff member at PNM Support who will make contact with you for clarification and will set up your tailored version of the software based on the information supplied in the form.

When ready the software will be made available to you by downloading from the PNM Business Systems website.

Once installed onto your computer it is ready for use and our support team is ready to assist you.

During the guarantee period the data you email will come to PNM Support. This is so we can monitor your progress and proficiency with the system. Once the guarantee period has elapsed, and in consultation with you, we will set up your accountant to receive your financial data.

Purchase PNM Cashbook.

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How long will it take for me to receive my copy of PNM Cashbook?

It depends on the availability of information required from you to complete the set up, but usually just a couple of days.

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Can I download my bank account transaction details from the Internet into the PNM Cashbook?

Not as yet. Enhancements are planned for our products and a future upgrade is expected to contain such a feature

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What is covered in your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

At PNM Business Systems customer satisfaction is our goal.

PNM Business Systems guarantee that if within 30 days of purchase you find our products and services are not all that we say they are we will refund your money.

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Am I able to get a trial version of the software?

We don't provide a general trial version because you will not get a true feel for your PNM Business software from a generic trial. What makes our product different is that your software is exclusive to you, and set up for your business using your terminology. We do respect that you might have concern that the software may not suit you or your needs, so to protect you we provide a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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