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Message from PNM Business Systems founder, Peter Murray

Having served small business as an accountant for over 30 years, I know that one of the biggest issues for small business owners is the amount of time and effort it takes to prepare their BAS and then, the uncertainty of not really understanding what the figures mean or if they are even correct.

Since the introduction of GST, I was increasingly asked by my customers for a better way to keep track of business income and expenses, to be able to lodge their own BAS and supply the "correct" financial data at the end of the year for their income tax return.

I found that a third of my customer base using the most popular accounting software programs had to spend a lot of time (and money) setting up the program, to continue using the program and to keep up to date with new versions. Even after this they were not 100% confident.

In my experience, the typical small business owner does not have accounting knowledge, but wants the business and cost control that can be achieved through 'keeping the books' themself. My customer feedback is clear. Most business owners feel frustrated by the current product offerings.

The most notable weakness in mainstream accounting programs aimed at small business is the failure to address the knowledge input during processing. To overcome this weakness needed a new approach to software design.

It might be argued that the available accounting programs provide education services to put the smarts into the user but this assumes a desire and aptitude to learn on the part of the user. Failing this, knowledge can be provided by supplier accredited consultants, bookkeepers or accountants but is inefficient and expensive.

To help my customers meet their unique business needs, I decided to build my own software that has easy data entry, the intelligence to prompt the user during processing, familiarity of terms for easier understanding and therefore reduced training; and which networks between the software provider, the customer and the customer's accountant.

Using the PNM Business Cashbook will enable you to effortlessly do the work and produce the figures to enter in the BAS and the figures to present to an accountant to do the annual accounts and income tax return.

Not wanting to create the same "nightmares" as other accounting software packages, PNM Support provides a service and support system to work with the customer to set up their accounts, customise the software for their needs and provide one-on-one support to get them started and keep them going.

Just knowing how your business is going and not making costly mistakes that need to be fixed up by an accountant or bookkeeper, is now vital for a small business to not only stay in business but to grow.

Peter Murray BBus (Accy)

Founder and CEO
PNM Business Systems Pty Ltd
August 2008