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Why PNM?

1. Your business is unique

Each individual business is unique. You have your own specific values, systems and culture. That's why an off-the-shelf accounting software product is not going to be right for all your unique needs.

At PNM Business Systems, we tailor our software to meet your individual requirements. We do this by taking the time to work with you to understand your accounting needs. Then, once we have set up your business chart of accounts in your language, the software will prompt you as you process your transactions.

2. Make intelligent software work for you

At PNM Business Systems, we have been smart and created the best "intelligent" software technology to tailor the right solution for your unique business. We also know that technology is only part of the solution. In determining how we can make an accounting process the most effective for our customers, we have included the one-on-one support to set up your accounts and provide on-going help to maintain them.

Software technology can do a lot of things. One thing it doesn't do well however is age. That's why other well know brands of accounting software are constantly requiring you to pay for their upgrades. That's why PNM provides upgrades and support inclusive of the annual subscription fee.

3. Create value for less cost

The cost of anything is only relative to the value that it creates. At PNM Business Systems our goal is to provide value to you as:

  • Greater time productivity
  • More accurate information
  • Better decision making
  • Less duplication
  • Less frustration and
  • Lower costs of operation

Our current customers say that every dollar they've spent with us has been saved in fees, either through lessening the time, effort and rework for their accountants and bookkeepers; or through direct savings in training and on-going support.


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