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Easily - The Smartest Accounting Solution for Small Business

PNM Software applies patented software design to separate the accounting process into three areas of expertise. As experts in the PNM software, PNM Support will tailor the software exclusively to the user, upgrade and maintain the software. The business owner is expert in their business and, utilising familiar descriptions and questionnaires built into the software during set up, will process the business transactions. The third element to the process is the accountant for the business who will be responsible for formal financial reporting. BAS reporting can be processed by the business or can be passed to the accountant.

PNM Business Systems guarantee that if within 30 days of purchase you find our products and services are not all that we say they are we will refund your money.


Why is PNM Cash Book so easy?
  1. No accounting knowledge required
  2. Package is tailored to your business
  3. Set up and ongoing support is included

Find out why PNM Cashbook is the easiest accounting software

Three easy steps
  1. Process your data using an easy to understand entry form guided by prompts to help you to 'get it right'
  2. An easy reconciliation process confirms all data is captured
  3. Complete your BAS or email to your accountant

Find out how easy it is to do your BAS with PNM Cashbook

Why PNM?
  1. Your business is unique
  2. Make intelligent software work for you
  3. Create value for less cost

Find out how PNM Cashbook differs from other accounting software